I have been missing in action for quite some time, basicly because we didnt have internet that worked all the time, and also this summer have been alittle hectic and i kinda lost my blogging swagger for alittle bit, so bare with me as im trynna get it back!!

                                               To be continued….


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  1. hey, fie every now-in-than i check your blog to see if there’s new pictures of the girls, i only saw one of Mahyla i know i spelled my granddaughters name wrong again sorry, Monie was telling me about some pictures that she saw on myspace i think thats what she said anyway she said that the girls were so cute especially Asia with a floppy hat on i would love to see those pictures i know you said that your pictures are mostly there but i don’t use that myspace stuff or any of it don’t really have the time for it. I also sent you an e-mail on smccollin48@aol.com/ but please use my new e-mail i really don’t use aol anymore. Well take care give my babies hugs and kisses from nana and papa!

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