A new milestone


Summer is here, and it seems like its going by really fast. Its already mid june.. unbelievable .. 
The girls have been waiting anxiously for summer to get here to get “home” to ride their bikes, and they have been. We took them to playground, and let them ride in the parking lot ( a huge one with no cars coming in the corner)
And we took the training wheels off and we practiced and practiced, and what do you know, Asia and Naomi they learned it. 
Being a scandinavian i always dreamed and pictured me taking my kids on a bike ride, riding our bikes to school, the supermarket,  the woods, you name it, most danes can’t live without a bike. 
And now that they don’t need training wheels anymore, I’m getting a little closer to that being my reality. maybe next summer Maliyah will learn too but till then, I’m enjoying seeing them bike around



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