Just Thankful…


Through my husbands job, we have been so blessed, to get the chance to live and experience different towns, countries and cultures. 
Althought it gets, challenging and sometimes a bit lonely being away from family and friends, and every 10 months having to start over, finding my way around, the grocery store, the pediatrician, the vet, the closets playground the list goes on. Its also a great experience for us as a family. we’ve learned how to rely, trust and count on each other while learning new people, places and new challenges being so far away from family and friends, and familiar food. 
I love the chance that is given to us, thru my husbands job, to travel and learn new cultures, and places I(we) wouldn’t never in life otherwise been exposed to. So even when it gets rough I will forever be thankful, for all the memories I have, and whom I’ve grown into being because of the experiences, good and bad, that was made on this journey. I know it won’t be long before my husbands carrier will end, or as he say, its time to hang his sneakers up, lol.  So I’m excited to enjoy the next few years  traveling with him, before we settle down. 
Its always exciting and very scary all at the same time, to wait all summer to know where our family will be for the next 10 months. We are praying for a good situation, no injuries and lots of new good memories awaiting us.  Keep us in your prayers please



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