Baby Steps, baby steps….


I love photography, and as i became a mother, watching my little babies turn into fresh toddlers, to young kids, to independent young girls.  Just growing and growing and constantly changing phases in life, changing challenges and going through new growth spurts, I only grew closer and closer to my camera.
Because I learned how important it is to catch these special moments that soon will only be memories. And how beautiful is it, that we can take pictures. and get to save these precious moments and save it, and make it timeless. I love it.
I love it love it love it LOVE IT.
So I’ve been playing with idea for the longest to get my own website, and lately I’ve had a few photoshoots for friends, so now After weeks of trying I finally finished uploading my pictures,
So ladies and gents I hereby present my first website, now hopefully i will soon have my first paying clients ;o)

Heres the link, please feel free to come with positive criticism  and suggestions.


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