It’s almost time to leave. And My heart is broken. I fell in love with this town- a piece of heaven on earth.  SO many memories, so many good people- i’ve been so lucky to meet… 
Tübingen Tübingen Tübingen.. sigh … How I am gonna miss you ❤ Image


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  1. Wonderful, that you liked Tübingen so much. And you know: all Tigers-fans will miss you and your whole family. Fie, jeg ønsker dig en god tid, mange dejlige oplevelser og godt helbred for dig og din familie.

    • Kære Uwe
      1000 tak for din søde kommentar. Ønker også dig og din familie alt det beste. Jeg tænker at det er dig som jeg mødte til Tigers fan Day.
      We are enjoying our time in New jersey, but we def already miss Tubingen. We have been so so fortunate to have been able to live and enjoy life in Tubingen. A place i will forever hold special in my heart.
      Thank you for all your support to me and my husband

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