Our trip to Prague – Prag – Praha


WIth my husbands work, he doesn’t have much time off doing the season, but every time he gets 2 or 3 days off we try to do or see as much as possible. We learned a long time ago, never to take anything for granted, and that includes where we live. We never know for sure if will be coming back when we leave, and I would hate to look back and think, we was so close why didn’t we see or do this. 
I think with the lifestyle we have, with moving 3 times a year, to different countries, it has also learned us how to live much more in the moment, and more intense. I think if we were settled in a home, having 3 days off would mean PURE relaxation,  a chance to do all the things we think we would be doing if not working.
We was lucky that Louis had 3 days off, so we decided to make a trip to Prague. Even thought we didn’t have much time to see and do everything there. also with 3 kids and 2 dogs.  I must admit Prague is the most beautiful european city I’ve ever visited.
The castles, the scenery, the lake, the statues, the shops, the cafe’s, the undiscovered artist on the street.
Just breathtaking and beautiful- But also with a hint of suffering, darkness and mystery.
We packed the car up, with snacks, music books and games, and we left early in the morning, when i googled it it was an approx 5 hour drive. But shortly after leaving our house our GPS just didn’t want to cooperate. so we had to just go off, of what we knew.  going towards nearby cities. Thank God for my hubby and his good sense of whereabouts, once we made it to Prague he stopped a Taxi and showed the man the address to our Hotel and we finally found it.  Good thinking Louis ;o)

Here’s a few pictures from our trip;

                               Naomi -Asia and Maliyah-  Prague      –     Czech Republic March 2012 

                                                            Me Rubbing the Statue of Nepomucky, on charles Bridge in Prague.
It’s said that he was tossed in the river, with chains, and whom ever rub his statue will one day return to Prague.  So i was rubbing away ;o)




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