German Eggs


Moving around, and living in different countries, can be stressful, but it is also interesting.
Most of the time, everything is very familiar, but yet done so differently.  One of my first favorite things to do, when visiting a new country is going to the supermarket. that may sound weird to you but to me it’s very interesting.
Of course  I miss japan when it comes to discovering new things.
But one of the first things I noticed when first moving to germany, is that they don’t keep the eggs refrigerated. It first i was a little worried, but no one else seemed to be sick from non refrigerated eggs, and we eat aloof eggs in our family and  3 years later, (knock on wood) We still haven’t been sick from eggs once.
They are so fresh, that they are often come with a surprise, either a feather, or  yeah.. hmm you get the picture ;o)


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