Bye Bye Bye Pacifier

For the first time in 5 year we no longer have kids that uses pacifiers.
Maliyah has finally given up on it.  It took me about 3 weeks of consistency, but now she is over it. First I cut a small hole in it, and a few days later cut it a little bit more, and a few days later again, a little bit more, She kept telling me, mommy its broken, as if to tell me, you need to buy me a new one. But now its been over 1 week and she no longer asked for it.
Im happy that she no longer needs it, because her teeth was starting to change shapes, and i don’t wish that for her.  But its also a reminder for me that my babies are growing, up and that this time with them is never coming back!
Have to cherish every moment we spend with our blessings.
So    Adios, sayonara, farvel,  tschuss Pacifier


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  1. Thank you Aunty! I’m so happy to see that you are still following up on my page faithfully. That makes my heart smile ;o)

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