Fuerteventura! ! !


I love to travel. But Im scared of flying, my stomach hates me when its time to fly!  I get nervous and scared when its time for take off. But ive decided not to let my fear stand in my way of seing  new places, learning new things from traveling and my favorite thing of em all making new memories!
And its kinda funny, because after I made my decition of not letting flying stand in my way, I met the love of my life on a airplane more than 8 years ago!  Life is funny sometimes…
Anyways. .  back to what i was saying :o)
I was lucky and found a last minut trip that wasnt too expensive, so I booked it and a few days later. we was on our way for a treat to the nice weather for a few days.
My friend Carina came with us, and we packed the girls in the car at 4 in the morning and off we was…
The girls was excited, and im enjoying that they are getting alittle older so they are getting more out of it too.
We had much fun. saw many new things, and I must admit i fell in love with the island called Fuerteventura. i like to call it a little piece of heaven on earth.  Its was absolutly beautiful. Even the pictures dont do it much justice.
We rented alittle car and we drove around the island and saw as much as possible. I hope we get to go again, and this time hopefully daddy will have some off days so he can come too!

If you Like beaches, sand, dessert, palm trees, spanish music, good food and beautiful scenery and ever get a chance to go. Please go! 

I love going into different supermarkets in different countries, just to see what they have and dont have and whats differnet…
Every morning Naomi would wake up first with me, and while the rest of the girls was sleeping Naomi and I would sit on the balcony and  talk and listen to the waves comes in and look at the sunrise! !  Alittle bonding time in the mornings are always a blessing!


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