Little helper around the house


I few weeks ago, Asia and I went thru a little rough phase. I don’t know what you wanna call it.  she didn’t really have terrible two’s so maybe this phase came instead. She have been dealing with a lot of changes,  moving to a new place, starting kindergarten, finding new friends, being a big sister again, and being away from family. But whatever it was, i am so glad It’s over for now, and I got my baby back.  She would just argue with me over and about anything.
Expl; I would ask her when I picked her up from kindergarten, so Asia do you want to go home and drink hot chocolate, and lay on the couch a little bit? Asia: No mommy I don’t wanna lay don’t on the couch i wanna sit up. Okay Asia that’s fine, however you are comfortable.
Or she would come and tell me, im thirsty mommy, I want some milk please, Okay then i get her some milk, then she dont want milk, she wants water. and the list goes on and on.. Never the less, im so happy she is back to her normal self again! I missed her. And now she is all, can i help you mommy! dont worry mommy i wanna help you. Can i help you! im over whelmed with all the help she if offering! but Im letting her help as much as she wants, cus im sure this is also just a phase!  The helping Phase!

She is actualy very good at it!  Thank you mommy’s little helper!


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