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Fuerteventura! ! !


I love to travel. But Im scared of flying, my stomach hates me when its time to fly!  I get nervous and scared when its time for take off. But ive decided not to let my fear stand in my way of seing  new places, learning new things from traveling and my favorite thing of em all making new memories!
And its kinda funny, because after I made my decition of not letting flying stand in my way, I met the love of my life on a airplane more than 8 years ago!  Life is funny sometimes…
Anyways. .  back to what i was saying :o)
I was lucky and found a last minut trip that wasnt too expensive, so I booked it and a few days later. we was on our way for a treat to the nice weather for a few days.
My friend Carina came with us, and we packed the girls in the car at 4 in the morning and off we was…
The girls was excited, and im enjoying that they are getting alittle older so they are getting more out of it too.
We had much fun. saw many new things, and I must admit i fell in love with the island called Fuerteventura. i like to call it a little piece of heaven on earth.  Its was absolutly beautiful. Even the pictures dont do it much justice.
We rented alittle car and we drove around the island and saw as much as possible. I hope we get to go again, and this time hopefully daddy will have some off days so he can come too!

If you Like beaches, sand, dessert, palm trees, spanish music, good food and beautiful scenery and ever get a chance to go. Please go! 

I love going into different supermarkets in different countries, just to see what they have and dont have and whats differnet…
Every morning Naomi would wake up first with me, and while the rest of the girls was sleeping Naomi and I would sit on the balcony and  talk and listen to the waves comes in and look at the sunrise! !  Alittle bonding time in the mornings are always a blessing!


Mommy’s night out!


I started the new year by making a lot of new memories!

January 7th,  a friend of mine’s and I went to see a long time fav artist ; Xavier Naidoo Live in Hamburg.   I was excited the whole week, counting down each day till the event, picking out what to wear, listening to his songs more than normal.  And the concert was Amazing!  There was alot of surprise artist that came and i was introduced to a few new songs, and that was so nice.  The arena was full, the atmosphere, his presence that is so strong, the power behind his soul, the power behind  his voice making me feel like a teenager again, his lyrics, his message, his goal… the feeling of the bass hitting my chest, with every beat in every song, the loudness..  the light show.  ahhh just everything. I really enjoyed my self alot.




Thank you Karen for helping me out and babysitting the girls till Louis got home from practice without your help I wouldnt have this memory! Vielen vielen dank!


fart fart!! prut prut!!


Naomi is going thru a phase right now where, Farts, burbs, nipples belly bottoms. stinky booty’s as she calls it, is so funny to her. and she even taught her self how to make fake burbs, just to make her sister laugh!
I didnt expect this stage to come till years from now. But  Its funny to see her get so many laughs out of it!  

Little helper around the house


I few weeks ago, Asia and I went thru a little rough phase. I don’t know what you wanna call it.  she didn’t really have terrible two’s so maybe this phase came instead. She have been dealing with a lot of changes,  moving to a new place, starting kindergarten, finding new friends, being a big sister again, and being away from family. But whatever it was, i am so glad It’s over for now, and I got my baby back.  She would just argue with me over and about anything.
Expl; I would ask her when I picked her up from kindergarten, so Asia do you want to go home and drink hot chocolate, and lay on the couch a little bit? Asia: No mommy I don’t wanna lay don’t on the couch i wanna sit up. Okay Asia that’s fine, however you are comfortable.
Or she would come and tell me, im thirsty mommy, I want some milk please, Okay then i get her some milk, then she dont want milk, she wants water. and the list goes on and on.. Never the less, im so happy she is back to her normal self again! I missed her. And now she is all, can i help you mommy! dont worry mommy i wanna help you. Can i help you! im over whelmed with all the help she if offering! but Im letting her help as much as she wants, cus im sure this is also just a phase!  The helping Phase!

She is actualy very good at it!  Thank you mommy’s little helper!

Asia, our little scientist


Our little big girl is growing up, i know i keep saying it but it keeps fascinating me, and amazing me how she is developing.
who she is growing into being.  Seems like it wasnt that long ago, i held her in my hands for the very first time.  And now she is In kindergarten, speaking 3 languages,( English, Danish and German) making friends, almost everyday she comes home with something she made in school.  Its amazing! I thought before I became a mother that I have so much to teach them, but as im growing as a Mother, im learning thru my kids everyday. . . It’s an amazing journey!
Not to long ago Asia came home with this certificate she earned in school, for little scientist . :o)

Good job Asia!   I know i cant teach you everything, so im thankful that we are able to put you around people and experiences for you  to learn and grow so you can be the best Asia you can be!  Keep up the good work little Mama, because we are so proud of you!

1 2 3 testing


I miss blogging, I miss finding inspiration or time to blog!
doing the curse of the week, I might see something where I think to my self. Ooohh i wanna blog about that, but by the time I get some alone time at night, all I want to do I just roll over and get some sleep. .  . .
But I do miss blogging so im trying to be better, and more creative! ! ! I hope that those that actualy still check out my blog hope you enjoyed your weekend and all is well with you and yours! please bare with me till i get back into blogging!