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Its the little things that means so much!


we all hate it!

And this time I did it, i dont like to admit it, but im guilty! I somehow got distracted from leaving the bathroom, to getting a new roll.. (i wonder how ;o) )

sometime later that day i heard Asia in the laundry room, and then she went straight to the toilet, so i go in and check on her, and she is putting a new toilet paper roll in..

AHHHHHHHHHHH——————  Thank  YOU Asia, feels so good having a big girl in the house!


Naomi’s lanterne


In germany St Martin’s day is celebrated each year with great pride. It falls in November, and the kids spends all week making home-made lanterns out of  paper, with different patterns, that each kid desires!
Who was he ????
St. Martin. was a Roman soldier, who later chose to be baptised, and then later became a great monk, who help everyone around him. He traveled around and later became a legend for all the lives he saved on his journey.

St. Martins day is celebrated by, meeting outside, when the sun goes down,  songs are being sung, while the kids hold their lanterns in the air, with each a small lit candle inside.  Some goes door to door, and sing songs, and in return the kids are rewarded with candy or money, somewhat similar to trick or treating in the states.  The night usually ends with a bonfire, and songs.

For this day we were invited to celebrate St. Martins day at both Asia’s and Naomi’s daycare. It was pretty cool, to be apart of this big event. and See how important this day is; to pass on the tradition and keep the stories alive thru our kids.

We didn’t get the chance to bring Asia’s homemade Lantern home, but Naomi brought hers home.
Naomi had made hers with hand prints in different colors!