My favorite Friend


Every now and then i get hit with a little glimpse of how much Asia has grown, and i get reminded that she is no longer my little baby!  She is a BIG sister, and with that comes responsibilities and expectations. she has to set a good example for her sisters to follow. But she is only 3, but so grown, so i often catch my self expecting more of her because she is a big sister, but i have to remember that she is only 3! ! !
She has started kindergarten, and she is learning german. But more than anything she has found a good friend! She is boulding a friendship with someone, and she really cares for him, she worries when he is not in school, she talks about him at home and she thinks about him when we are out foodshopping, mommy maybe Tre like this.. ??
I asked her they other day, Asia what is your favorite color, she said PINK is my favorite, i asked her what about your favorite animal, she screamed out a horse, and when i asked her who is your favorite friend, she smiled and said TRE!

My little big girl is growing up!
I think Friendships between kids are just as important as between adults, they learn so much from eachother

They learn different ways to relate to a range of relationships; take and give, compromise and share. Friendships teach them how to establish guidelines, make decisions and solve problems. Within these relationships they experience aggression, anger, fear, rejection and even betrayal. They learn appropriate social behavior, how to become a leader, how to follow, fairness and how to win and lose gracefully.
So its so important for them to build friendships, and watching Asia and Tre from outside just tickles me so much.
They act like an old couple, but  they play and fight like siblings!

When i picked Asia up from daycare the other day, she looked at me, and before she even greeted me she hurried up and asked, mommy can Tre come and play at our house…
That just melted my heart, she asked for her first play date, i couldnt believe it! i wanted to cry…

My little big girl is growing up…

Asia and Try at the game watching their daddies!


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  1. Thank you Jane! You would get a kick out of seing them 2gether.
    They are too funny and cute together!!
    How is Hudson doing, i bet he is the size of a 13 year old by now.

    I miss our feed the ducks walks! Hope all is well on your end, and Ps im still waiting for the pictures! :o)

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