Baby ba ba!!!


I went to the store to buy formula for Maliyah, and I saw the same formula she drinks, but now you can buy it with Vanilla flavoured taste. Now, I like to think that im not a judgemental person, but who am i kidding, I am. Its human nature!
and thats the whole reason why i got a Blog in the first place. i have a opinion  !  ;o)

Anyways, It made me so mad, to see that.
We live in a society , where overweigt is a big problem, also among children.  YOUNG children. and what we put in their bodies the first year is so important. for their growth, for all their organs!
So why on earth would you get your child used to eating something so sweet. when they have no idea that there is something that taste so sweet to begin with..
Good luck getting your child to drink a regular glas of milk 3 years from now…
Who’s idea was that in the first place anyways???

Heathy babies = happy babies!


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