October, is  breast cancer awareness month.
So ive changed my blog to pink. This summer I lost someone who i cared about to the battle of cancer .

I think its important to take a minute out, not only in this month, but in our daily lives, and remember the loved ones we’ve lost, or acknowledge the ones that are survivors or fighters of this sickness!

For me its important that we talk about it openly. lets remind each other how common this disease is, talk about it, cry about, think about it . We as mothers, wifes,  sisters, daughters, cousins, friends, coworkers and just being women,  are often so busy juggling  it all, that we don’t take the time out to get a check up.
A check up can save time, even lives, if its caught in an early stage. So therefore I think its important that we talk about it, cry about it and think about it, and remind each other to take the time and get checked out!  As mothers we have children that needs us around, as sisters we have siblings that needs us around, as daughters we have elders that cares for us, to be around .

So i just have one question to you, have you gotten checked out this year?

Better late than never!
To all of you who are fighting the battle of cancer, I pray that god will bless you, clean you and heal you and comfort you in whatever way you may need to get thru this war.

To all of those who won the battles! be proud of your self and your accomplishments, for being strong, when feeling sick. For never giving up even when every inch of your body was aching!  i truly admire your strength and will power! because without it, you would have never beat it!

For all of those who lost someone to the battle of cancer, may their soul’s rest in peace.
Lets take a moment and celebrate their lives and personality, in whatever way it may mean something to you.

I will light a candle, in the loving memory of someone who I cared about.
To celebrate him, i will say alrighhht and that special way he would say it, when ever possible. and tonight i will try to get to know my computer a little bit better, because ive never met anyone that knew so much about computer like he did!

I miss you Mr. Harmon


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