im so proud to be a dane. :0)


Everyday i try to catch up on the Danish news, thru our online newspapers.
And even though it’s not that often something big happens, it’s still nice for me to get the latest updates, this way i don’t feel like im so far away from home, and it gives me a chance to be able to talk about stuff that’s current going on with my friends and family, whether its serious stuff or just gossip.

Denmark are one of the few country’s that still have a queen. we don’t have a president or a king. we have our queen, Margrethe.
She is a strong woman,  and she is a part of so many different organisations ! Even though most people don’t  know that Denmark even exists, she has deffenlently  done her part around the world to help and to represent our country.  and also done so much for equality amongst women, in this so-called mans world.

So today when i read our newspaper online i read an article about her and her family and they posted some private pictures from her youth. and one picture just made me laugh.
She is sitting on the grass with her sons, having a picnic while her sons are drinking soda she is having a beer!
NOW THATS A DANE FOR YOU! and a true princess!

she made me proud to be a dane. :0)


It woudnt let me paste the pictures, so im posting some regular pictures of her instead!

she is also known for smoking ALOT!  :0)

Her and her husband also likes to drink wine, they also have their own wineyard in prince Henrik home country france.

Our Queen margrethe..



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  1. I like her, except the fact that she’s smoking. I think she should keep that to her self.
    By the way, I read today that a study showed that Danish men have the longest penises in the world. Lol!

  2. hahahahaha you are 2 funny! well i wouldnt know… :0) I dont think she should advertise smoking, but i like that she is who she is, with flaws and all! and not pretending to be someone she is not. I actually thought about you when i wrote this, i wish you could see the picture i saw. It reminded me so much of us. on our picknic dates in japan with asahi! I like where we are now but i do miss our times. and im thankful for all the memories we made.
    Ps did u know our queen is half swedish. how could i not think of us_?

    • Half Swedish huh? Well that explains her beauty and brains then. Lol! Yeah I miss our beer picnics too!
      We should have had way more of those! Next time we see each other we just have to make up for lost drinking…I mean time 😉

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