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We are back in Germany.
The last week was kinda crazy, packing moving out and traveling with dogs and kids.
The girls really did good considering what type of craziness it’s been!  People was staring at us at the airport,  we checked in 11 bags two dog cages, two dog, 3 hungry and tired kids, 2 diaper bags, 1 double stroller. and a car seat. and 2 tired parents with a million passports and papers.  we had an unexpected 6 hour layover in Frankfurt!  so it was a Long trip, but like i said the girls was troopers!
Im glad its over, and happy we wont be going anywhere else for a long time.. ( 10 Months)
We got here safe and sound, now the fun begins! cant wait to get a routine..
Hope you enjoyed you summer as well …


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  1. Yay Fie! Glad to read you and the whole gang got to Germany safe and sound. Sounds like you are ready to enjoy another great season! Looking forward to reading more posts and seeing more pictures! 🙂

  2. Hi Fie, its nice thta you are back here. I hope you a have a little break to relax a little. Its amazing …you have so much power for everything.( 3 kids and 2 dogs….) unbeliveble. Hope you enjoy your new home in Oldenburg. Many grettings to to you all. ( Did you have a new handynumber? I wrote you a sms but you dont answer me ….please write me your new) Kisses and hugs….miss you

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