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We are back in Germany.
The last week was kinda crazy, packing moving out and traveling with dogs and kids.
The girls really did good considering what type of craziness it’s been!  People was staring at us at the airport,  we checked in 11 bags two dog cages, two dog, 3 hungry and tired kids, 2 diaper bags, 1 double stroller. and a car seat. and 2 tired parents with a million passports and papers.  we had an unexpected 6 hour layover in Frankfurt!  so it was a Long trip, but like i said the girls was troopers!
Im glad its over, and happy we wont be going anywhere else for a long time.. ( 10 Months)
We got here safe and sound, now the fun begins! cant wait to get a routine..
Hope you enjoyed you summer as well …


countdown to Germany


I cant believe how fast this summer came and went!
Its almost time for us to head back to germany. And a big part of me is getting excited. Meet new people, move into our new home. get the girls into a new daycare and start a new family routine. get to know the city area. and go home.
Louis is excited about his new team too, getting to know his new team mates, and he admires the coach so much and been wanting to work with him for years now, and the opportunity  has finally arrived and  Louis is looking forward to working together.
A fan has posted this link on youtube.  I think its a big accomplishment and compliment that some fans are welcoming him to their team! I hope Louis will melt right into his new spot on his new team, grow new friendships and accomplish more than he ever did in his carreer. I wish him the best of luck and hope that he will find happiness with his new job! I am proud of him and excited to see how this season will go!

louis campbell