something fishy is in the air!


Asia woke up the other day and the first thing she said was i saw a big fish in the water.  This is the first time ever that she told us or even hinted to that she had a dream. of corse i know she dreams all the time, and at times she even talks in her sleep. but she has never talked about it. so this was a surprise and i knew it must have been very vivid because she kept talking about it.
Now my father in law, he is from barbados, and he told me when ever he has a dream about a fish some one is pregnant.
Louis and I even had a book about dreams at some point, but we had to stop looking at it to see what our different dreams ment!
But i find it so interesting, im very facinated at how that could be possible. sometimes its like  communication without a single word spoken or even souls being in the same presence.  but yet a message have been send and recieved.  Im truly intriged  because i do believe there is so much more than what we can see and hold on to.
Well back to where i was going with it all, 2 days ago we learned that a very good friend of ours is expecting. Its still very early but
you know who u are Ms, and we are so happy for you and pray that god will keep his blessings coming ur way! and let you continue to grow together as a family!

So i guess Asia has been blessed with a gift as well!
Im so proud that god has send u our way miss Asia! You are so bad but so precious to us! :0)


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  1. We will miss my son louis and his family, especially the little ladies. I read my daughter-in-law comment on about the dream that my granddaughter Asia had and it wasn’t her father-in-law that told her about the fish story, i remember telling fie that when my mom Vera was living use to say when ever so one had a dream about fish someone was pregnant, i just needed to correct that because usually men do not have sayings like that especially someone from where my husband ozzie comes from, and usually women back in the day make wise tails like that.

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