In loving memory of Mr. Harmon…


mr harmon

Another angel have been called home.

As much as you try to prepare your self for death, theres really no way its possible.  Mr. Harmon have fought cancer for a long time, and i am thankful that he is no longer in pain.  I am however just still alittle selfish and wish that I could just have one more conversation with him, sit on his couch one more time and hear his stories or his laughter.
Even though Ive only had the pleasure of knowing him for a short period of time, he has touched me, and  amazed me, and made me admire the strength of a strong man. He has fathered 3 children of his own, but also filled out the shoes of being a father figure to boys who didnt have a one.  I can only imagine, knowing how much it takes to be a succesful man, but also a father, husband, brother, uncle, friend and co=worker ect, how hard it must have been to find time to care for others in a fatherly figure way. But somehow he did it, and not only did he do it but he did it with a smile.
From the day I met him, he has embraced me and accepted me, like he had known me all my life, he loved our kids and gave me stories from when they went thru this stage we are in now. wich helped me more than what i can describe in words.
I am thankful for what he means and the difference he has made in my husband’s life, as well as how open-hearted and open minded he was, knowing how many seasonal changes he has been thru , presidents and how many changes in this world,  he has seen with his own eyes!
And yet in the four years that ive known him, i have NEVER heard him complain about anything!, Not even about his sickness!
I was always greeted with a kiss and a smile, and i would return his kindness and ask how he was doing and the answer never changed, im awrrrright, followed by a smile and a story!

And we are not the only ones that are blessed with knowing him, at his funeral, I met a man. And as we got to talking, I asked him how he knew Mr. Harmon, and he said they where childhood friends, ( mind you, mr harmon was 73 years young) and he as well had many stories and one big smile on his face when i asked him about mr. Harmon.  As our conversation was ending, he told me he had to get back on the road and head home, to my surprise, home to him is in Florida.  i watched him get in his car and drive off. Florida is more than 20 hours away from here by car. But he made that trip up here to see mr. Harmon 1 last time.
Now Thats a friendship,  and that to me says alot about what type of  guy Mr. Harmon was! But knowing Mr. Harmon he would have done the same in a heartbeat! with or without his license !

We love you and miss you already uncle Everett
Asia, Naomi, Maliyah,  Louis and Fie


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