All i need is a wistle!


The weather have been so shitty lately, and that equals more time inside.
And since i brought most of the girls toys up to Denmark. theres not really anything fun to do inside.
SO lately I feel like Ive picked up a part time job as a Referee.
STop, sit down, dont hit your sister, dont draw on your legs, no no dont put your blanket in the toilet!
Dont pour milk in smokeys bowl.  Stop, dont scream! thats it!!!!!!!!! enough is enough now..  STOP FIGHTING!  No dont sit on Deebo.. The list goes on..
But atleast referees get a break at halftime…


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  1. Oh no i think of you. You make it… the summer is comming,i know it. say your girls they can paint some pictures for me, that would make me happy and the girls are sitting down for few minutes…. smile( i write you my adress on facebook)

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