As I watch the girls interact together, whether its when they are playing or fighting, showering or eating.  painting or doing puzzles.
The though of how  close will they be? as they continue to grow, often crosses my mind.
Asia and Naomi are very close, theres not much neither wants to do without the other. And I just pray to God that this will continue thru-out their journeys thru life, and that Maliyah will fall right into their sisterly love, and hopefully they will always stay close.
Ofcourse they will fight, and be mad at one another, and as they grow up they will fight over friends, clothes boys, and god only knows what else.
But thats all a part of sisterhood.  I will try not to worry, because thats something that I cant control but I  just pray that they will stay close, and always be there for eachother when needed, in good times and bad times.

I stubled over this Photo, and I feel in love with it because this is what I can only hope and wish for, that one day that will be our girls…



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  1. Oh yes they will be stay close forever. They love each other so much and they are so lovely to each other. I belive it. ….your family are so lovely and the girls learn it from you all…..hugs and kisses from me to you all.

  2. hi fie, just wanted you to know that i did what you said to do and i do have to be a friend to view the rest of the pictures, but don’t worry your head you have enough to do i’ll have to wait until you get a moment to put the rest on, take care!


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