So tired of laundry!


Theres not many things in this world that I hate more than cleaning and doing laundry, or should I say its more the folding of the clothes that gets to me. A waste of time in my eyes! ! ! and then after you use so much time of folding and sortering out what goes where and to whom. Theres never enough closet space.. sigh.. So whats the point. its ends up in a new pile.. grrr
And now we are packing and cleaning and we just got back from another trip to Denmark, the shit just keeps piling up. where does it come from???

Weren’t those piles there just gone last week? How did those stacks sneak back into my room? Didn’t I pick up that heap yesterday? or was that just an hour ago? I can’t remember. The hours, the days, the stacks,  the piles…..they meld into one. It’s never ending. One mess cleaned up while another one is mysteriously being made. I’d like to blame it on the fact we have three young kids and a small home, but that won’t work. It’s not the children’s fault their mother is a closeted heaper/piler/stacker, i.e. pig.

In my next life i want to be a neat-freak ! this way my house can look like this


Feels good to dream alittle, but i better get off the computer and fold some laundry.. Again..


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