My name is Asia and, I 3 years old…


The other day Asia made my day,  Naomi got this chalkboard for her birthday and they have both been using it so much.
But ever since Asia was old enough to hold a crayon and not try to eat it.  She has continued to enjoy and grow a love for anything that has to do with painting, and drawing weather its making little faces on the windows in the car, or using waterpaint or picking up a stick in the woods and try to draw something in the dirt. And the other day we sad down and I showed her the ABC’s and was writting our names, ans she takes the chalk from me and says Asia’s turn mommy. and we talked about the letters in her name, and as we was going thru them she wrote them down for the first time..


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  1. nana is so…………………………. happy to see my granddaughters and i will do my up most to get lots of time in before heading back to Germany. love you Asia, Naomi and Maliya

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