Maliyah at 3 months old


Where does the time go? today is exactly 3 months ago since Maliyah was born.
She is doing really good, she is by far the easiest baby out of all our girls. she’s been sleeping from 8 pm till 5 am for over a months now. she is content just being around everyone else and best in arms.
She is eating  good, and is now all talk. cooing and all smiles.  The other day she tried to giggle but she can’t really giggle yet so she ended up choking on it.
She will when she feels like it roll from her stomach to her side.
She attempts to hold her bottle when she is super hungry.
She still hates taking baths.
And she hates to be naked when we change her clothes.
A few thoughts to you baby girl:…

we have been blessed.
Such a sweet and precious gift.
A great and tremendous responsibility.
So small and fragile.
Helpless and needing.
Just for a moment though.
My baby. My new little mama.
I must kiss you and hold you.
Feed you and rock you.
Only for a moment though.
Soon, you will be laughing and talking.
Playing and walking.
And I must teach you and guide you.
Show you and lead you.
But just for a moment though.
You were born my little girl.
Just for a moment though.
Little girls grow into big girls.
And big girls grow into women.
Wives, mothers, teachers to their own children.
But first I must love you and smother you.
Hold you and keep you.
Show you and lead you.
I only have just a moment though.
You start here.
You grow here.
You learn here.
You love here.
But you will leave here.
I must fit in all I can.
Use this time I have.
Grow you and love you.
Teach you and hold you.
God has given you to me.
But I must give you to the world.
You are mine.
My baby girl.
But just for a moment though.


6 responses »

  1. She grow up so fast. She is so cutie. Your letter for Maliyah is so nice. Many greetings to you all, i hope all is well. Hugs…

  2. Hey Fie,

    it is a very nice Blog…
    The words you write are so honest and true. I´m a mother and I can feel every word you wrote. I really got goosebumps.

    Greetings and hope to see you soon….

  3. Oh my gosh, Fie…I’m crying. I LOVE the poem.
    It’s so perfect and true…and I feel those sentiments exactly!

  4. fie i hope you don’t mine me correcting that about the fish story, when papa read that with me the first thing he said i did not say that, it was you babe, so that’s why i took the time to correct that because truthfully usually women say things like that not men.

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