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All i need is a wistle!


The weather have been so shitty lately, and that equals more time inside.
And since i brought most of the girls toys up to Denmark. theres not really anything fun to do inside.
SO lately I feel like Ive picked up a part time job as a Referee.
STop, sit down, dont hit your sister, dont draw on your legs, no no dont put your blanket in the toilet!
Dont pour milk in smokeys bowl.  Stop, dont scream! thats it!!!!!!!!! enough is enough now..  STOP FIGHTING!  No dont sit on Deebo.. The list goes on..
But atleast referees get a break at halftime…




As I watch the girls interact together, whether its when they are playing or fighting, showering or eating.  painting or doing puzzles.
The though of how  close will they be? as they continue to grow, often crosses my mind.
Asia and Naomi are very close, theres not much neither wants to do without the other. And I just pray to God that this will continue thru-out their journeys thru life, and that Maliyah will fall right into their sisterly love, and hopefully they will always stay close.
Ofcourse they will fight, and be mad at one another, and as they grow up they will fight over friends, clothes boys, and god only knows what else.
But thats all a part of sisterhood.  I will try not to worry, because thats something that I cant control but I  just pray that they will stay close, and always be there for eachother when needed, in good times and bad times.

I stubled over this Photo, and I feel in love with it because this is what I can only hope and wish for, that one day that will be our girls…


So tired of laundry!


Theres not many things in this world that I hate more than cleaning and doing laundry, or should I say its more the folding of the clothes that gets to me. A waste of time in my eyes! ! ! and then after you use so much time of folding and sortering out what goes where and to whom. Theres never enough closet space.. sigh.. So whats the point. its ends up in a new pile.. grrr
And now we are packing and cleaning and we just got back from another trip to Denmark, the shit just keeps piling up. where does it come from???

Weren’t those piles there just gone last week? How did those stacks sneak back into my room? Didn’t I pick up that heap yesterday? or was that just an hour ago? I can’t remember. The hours, the days, the stacks,  the piles…..they meld into one. It’s never ending. One mess cleaned up while another one is mysteriously being made. I’d like to blame it on the fact we have three young kids and a small home, but that won’t work. It’s not the children’s fault their mother is a closeted heaper/piler/stacker, i.e. pig.

In my next life i want to be a neat-freak ! this way my house can look like this


Feels good to dream alittle, but i better get off the computer and fold some laundry.. Again..

Maliyah at 3 months old


Where does the time go? today is exactly 3 months ago since Maliyah was born.
She is doing really good, she is by far the easiest baby out of all our girls. she’s been sleeping from 8 pm till 5 am for over a months now. she is content just being around everyone else and best in arms.
She is eating  good, and is now all talk. cooing and all smiles.  The other day she tried to giggle but she can’t really giggle yet so she ended up choking on it.
She will when she feels like it roll from her stomach to her side.
She attempts to hold her bottle when she is super hungry.
She still hates taking baths.
And she hates to be naked when we change her clothes.
A few thoughts to you baby girl:…

we have been blessed.
Such a sweet and precious gift.
A great and tremendous responsibility.
So small and fragile.
Helpless and needing.
Just for a moment though.
My baby. My new little mama.
I must kiss you and hold you.
Feed you and rock you.
Only for a moment though.
Soon, you will be laughing and talking.
Playing and walking.
And I must teach you and guide you.
Show you and lead you.
But just for a moment though.
You were born my little girl.
Just for a moment though.
Little girls grow into big girls.
And big girls grow into women.
Wives, mothers, teachers to their own children.
But first I must love you and smother you.
Hold you and keep you.
Show you and lead you.
I only have just a moment though.
You start here.
You grow here.
You learn here.
You love here.
But you will leave here.
I must fit in all I can.
Use this time I have.
Grow you and love you.
Teach you and hold you.
God has given you to me.
But I must give you to the world.
You are mine.
My baby girl.
But just for a moment though.

My name is Asia and, I 3 years old…


The other day Asia made my day,  Naomi got this chalkboard for her birthday and they have both been using it so much.
But ever since Asia was old enough to hold a crayon and not try to eat it.  She has continued to enjoy and grow a love for anything that has to do with painting, and drawing weather its making little faces on the windows in the car, or using waterpaint or picking up a stick in the woods and try to draw something in the dirt. And the other day we sad down and I showed her the ABC’s and was writting our names, ans she takes the chalk from me and says Asia’s turn mommy. and we talked about the letters in her name, and as we was going thru them she wrote them down for the first time..