Happy Easter – God påske


Yesterday the girls and I was invited to an Easter get together by one of  Louis team mate´s wife Jane.  She had made cookies for the kids to decorate and made jars with color and rice so the kids to color eggs too.  And the kids really enjoyed it.

This is Trey, he is shaking an egg in a jar filled with rice and color. 
This is the best way i ever heard off for the kids to be apart of coloring the eggs, and not get color all over them. but just in case we took all their Tshirts off. Each kid had a jar with different colors, and after a while they switched the colors around.

I love it when adults cant fight the inner child!  ;0)

Naomi enjoyed decorating the cookies! and then she ate as much as she could! Well deserved!

hudsonThis is Hudson, he was smart about it skipped the cookies, and whent straight to the icing!

This is Faith, a beauty in her self, and just as silly as she wanna be, making all the kids laugh at the table.

Jane made this Egg outta fruits. I thought it was pretty cool! And admire that she still can find time to be silly and do all this with a toddler in the house!


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  1. Thank you, thank you, Im glad u like em. And thanks again 4 hosting!

    Looking 4ward to the May 1st. bash or playoff celebration. any excuse 2 getogether! LOL

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