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My little Naomi…


Ever since Naomi  first started walking, and we would be out doing stuff, I noticed how different her and Asia is. Even though they are sister’s, and so young at age, and only a about 1 year apart, and brought up with same rules. Their personalities are so different, like night and day. And thank god for that, i wouldnt want have 2 or 3 for that matter with the same character. And after Asia was born i didnt think I would ever be able to love anyone the way I love my first born.
Then Naomi came and i fell in love with her just as much, just in a different way. And now she is walking around her talking up a storm and being her own little self, so special in all her own little ways. So i love her just as much because she is different. But back to what i wanted to say, when she started walking I noticed that she does what she wants to, when she want to how she want it. Asia would always stay close to me when we went somewhere, still does actualy, but Naomi on the other hand wanders off in her own world. I call her my hippie child, because she is the happiest in a world with no rules.  Her spirit is so light, in a sence off nothing really bothers her, and laughter comes so easy.  She is silly, and she does things that makes no sence 2 anyone but her. Like the other day, after dinner and bath, i got them ready for bed, while i had 2 make maliyah a bottle, i told them to get in the bed and wait till i come. So after i finished i walk in the room and Naomi is under her covers, and ready to go 2 sleep with her winter hat on? and i look at her and ask her why do u have a hat on Naomi, its time to go night night? and she just busted out laughing.  And she ended up falling asleep with it on too..


Easter sunday with lady-bug hunting


After we finished breakfast this morning, we went outside for alittle hunt.

since the girls are crazy about lady bug, we hit chocolate lady bugs instead of eggs. And for the dogs we had brought treats. This is the first time we ever did something for easter. 

still looking

naomiMaliyah was taking a cat nap while we was outside
Asia found a rainworm in the sand, and as usual she wanted to bring it home. But this time she did put it back without a fight, i think it was because daddy was there.. Lol .. She just love bugs!

Happy Easter – God påske


Yesterday the girls and I was invited to an Easter get together by one of  Louis team mate´s wife Jane.  She had made cookies for the kids to decorate and made jars with color and rice so the kids to color eggs too.  And the kids really enjoyed it.

This is Trey, he is shaking an egg in a jar filled with rice and color. 
This is the best way i ever heard off for the kids to be apart of coloring the eggs, and not get color all over them. but just in case we took all their Tshirts off. Each kid had a jar with different colors, and after a while they switched the colors around.

I love it when adults cant fight the inner child!  ;0)

Naomi enjoyed decorating the cookies! and then she ate as much as she could! Well deserved!

hudsonThis is Hudson, he was smart about it skipped the cookies, and whent straight to the icing!

This is Faith, a beauty in her self, and just as silly as she wanna be, making all the kids laugh at the table.

Jane made this Egg outta fruits. I thought it was pretty cool! And admire that she still can find time to be silly and do all this with a toddler in the house!