Maliyah at 7 weeks.


I cant believe that its  been 7 weeks already, since she came into this world.  And in some ways it feels like she has always been with us.
She is doing really good, sleeping better than expected, KNOCK ON WOOD! Growing and holding her head up pretty good now.
And finaly we are getting some smiles, but when ever she is finally up and awake, the girls are all over her, so when she starts smiling and i go aww look she is smiling the girls come running and wanna see touch and try 2 make her smile too, and it’s sometimes alittle to wild for her, so the smiles stops  and she try her best not to miss a beat.  the doctor had us running around for alot of different test, but they all came out positive. However he did detect that her feet is pointing in, and thats no a surprise cus Louis’ feet is just like that. But with some exercises i can try to make it alittle better.
As Louis and I was driving home from the doctor, we started talking about, how just a year ago i wasnt even pregnant yet, and when i did get pregnant, I had so many complications and I remember leaving the doctors office and he told me not to get excited yet, there was still a 50=50 % chance that I could lose her.  And now she is here, safe and sound and she is a perfect 10!!
Its amazing to me, how you just never know what God has in his plans for you!  And for that im thankful…


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