Is that you spring???


Dare i say spring has finally came to our town? I think it has, today was so warm, and sunny, and the small flowers are starting to show up from the ground.  We did get spoiled alot when we lived in japan. the weather is so much nicer there, and around this time the cherry blossoms are just blooming everywhere. I miss that, walking outside and it just smell like newly washed laundry everywhere and the streets being covered in white and pink leafs. Its just beautiful. Anyways, whether spring has come to stay or not, today was a spring day, no jackets needed for the girls, so much easier to get out the door. And Louis had a day off today, so we went to the woods, and let the dogs run crazy and the girls was running around picking flowers, looking for ants, bee’s and whatever else they could find.  I hope the good weather is here to stay.

after they picked the flowers, the both ran to the water and thru them in there… i thought it looked nice as they floaded off together.
Maliyah did not wanna take any pictures today !!!!!


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  1. Oh my god she is so cute. And the kids grow up so fast. I miss you so much. I like your pictures… beautiful!! Many greetings to your little girls.. Kiss

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