why mommy?


Easter is around the corner, another holiday with so many traditions.
My family is not religious ( except me and my siblings) but its still a holiday that are celebrated BIG.  My grandmother is from a small island http://www.oeturisme.dk/Sejeroe.htm  in denmark with less than 500 residents. and when i was a child, we would take turns at spending easter with my grandmother  and my fathers siblings. That ment ALOT of different foods. for many hours. And after we eat we would color eggs, and in some families its a tradition to blow eggs.. But that takes talent, and we just dont have that in our family.
 Then we would go down to the beach and meet everybody else that lives there. on the beach theres a big hill with a watch tower on top of it. and on this hill everybody would roll the eggs down the hill and try the hardest not to break the eggs. who evers eggs last the longest got candy..  after that its back to some more eating..

The easter when we didnt go to my grandmothers house, we would rent a summer-house with my parents friends and their kids. and spend the week together.
With board games, drawings. and playing outside. And my mother would always make scavenger hunt  for us, with chocolate eggs.  the joys of chilhood…

Soon i will have to pass my traditions on, but this year  i get a pass, Cus the girls and I are going home for this easter.  Phew… 

Easter is also a big holiday here in germany! and there are bunnies and eggs decorated in many windows.  and the other day, when i picked the girls up from daycare, the weather was so nice, so we went to go get an ice cream on the way home.
And as we are driving, we pass a tree decorated with many  colorful eggs. and the girls looke d at em, and Asia goes, mommy why are the eggs in the trees. eggs comes from chicken..hmmmmm…  this was last week, and im still trynna find a good way to explain it…


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