Not for kids….


When ever ive been pregnant, ive always stayed away from sun tanning, and dying my hair.  Just because i dont wanna take any chances with chemicals that might hurt the baby.  Call me silly or whatever, but thats just me..
So since ive pretty much been pregnant  for the last almost 4 years. i havent done much for my looks. Sorry Louis..
But since im not pregnant anylonger, and been feeling like I look like a boring fart.  And with the winter time, i just look so peal. So i desided to go get alitle color, hoping spring is around the corner. So today after i dropped the kids off at the daycare, i went by a tanning salon and figured ill get about 5 mins in.  And i get inside and the lady stopped me and said im sorry i need to see ID that you are over 18 years old.. WHAT!!! i started laughing, and she looked af me as if i had a big green  bugger hanging. I said you just made my day. I have 3 kids lady.   I would gladly show her my ID..   hahahaha
Thank you lady at the tanning salon..


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