strolling around


So last week, we finaly had alittle bit of nice weather, the snow had disapeared, and the sun was out, but still VERY COLD, but alittle bit of sunshine makes a world of a difference.  Im feening for some spring weather. No big coats boots, hats and all that stuff that makes leaving the house a process. ANyways so when the sun showed up, i dragged the girls outside. No really i asked Asia if she wanted to go to the playground, and she had the nerve to say no mommy, i wanna stay home.. WHAT im sorry, let me rephrace that! MOMMY wanna go to the playground, so we are all going, ofcourse Noami was all with it, and got her boots out so fast.. saying come mommy, maliyah comes too??? with a big smile on her face. Yes baby we are all going!!! Even though it was still cold it was good to get out for alittle bit before dinner time.
And i got a chance to finaly use the stroller.
Ive wanted a big clumsy european stroller since Asia was a baby, but never could get one,.  So when i found a stroller that i liked here, i was so excited. 
And im very superstitious, So as an old Danish saying, you cant bring stuff home for the baby till its born, or make the bed and so on. I kept the stroller  at a friends house till we came home from the hospital. But ive been waiting patiently to take it out for a spin.
Just a few pictures from the days we went out to the playground..


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  1. At the moment it´s also this cold here in France. Hopefully we both get some sun and warm weather soon 🙂 and then there will be no more boots, big coats and hats 😉

    Hugs and kisses

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