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Asia, Maliyah and Naomisisters


Maliyah at 7 weeks.


I cant believe that its  been 7 weeks already, since she came into this world.  And in some ways it feels like she has always been with us.
She is doing really good, sleeping better than expected, KNOCK ON WOOD! Growing and holding her head up pretty good now.
And finaly we are getting some smiles, but when ever she is finally up and awake, the girls are all over her, so when she starts smiling and i go aww look she is smiling the girls come running and wanna see touch and try 2 make her smile too, and it’s sometimes alittle to wild for her, so the smiles stops  and she try her best not to miss a beat.  the doctor had us running around for alot of different test, but they all came out positive. However he did detect that her feet is pointing in, and thats no a surprise cus Louis’ feet is just like that. But with some exercises i can try to make it alittle better.
As Louis and I was driving home from the doctor, we started talking about, how just a year ago i wasnt even pregnant yet, and when i did get pregnant, I had so many complications and I remember leaving the doctors office and he told me not to get excited yet, there was still a 50=50 % chance that I could lose her.  And now she is here, safe and sound and she is a perfect 10!!
Its amazing to me, how you just never know what God has in his plans for you!  And for that im thankful…

Is that you spring???


Dare i say spring has finally came to our town? I think it has, today was so warm, and sunny, and the small flowers are starting to show up from the ground.  We did get spoiled alot when we lived in japan. the weather is so much nicer there, and around this time the cherry blossoms are just blooming everywhere. I miss that, walking outside and it just smell like newly washed laundry everywhere and the streets being covered in white and pink leafs. Its just beautiful. Anyways, whether spring has come to stay or not, today was a spring day, no jackets needed for the girls, so much easier to get out the door. And Louis had a day off today, so we went to the woods, and let the dogs run crazy and the girls was running around picking flowers, looking for ants, bee’s and whatever else they could find.  I hope the good weather is here to stay.

after they picked the flowers, the both ran to the water and thru them in there… i thought it looked nice as they floaded off together.
Maliyah did not wanna take any pictures today !!!!!

why mommy?


Easter is around the corner, another holiday with so many traditions.
My family is not religious ( except me and my siblings) but its still a holiday that are celebrated BIG.  My grandmother is from a small island  in denmark with less than 500 residents. and when i was a child, we would take turns at spending easter with my grandmother  and my fathers siblings. That ment ALOT of different foods. for many hours. And after we eat we would color eggs, and in some families its a tradition to blow eggs.. But that takes talent, and we just dont have that in our family.
 Then we would go down to the beach and meet everybody else that lives there. on the beach theres a big hill with a watch tower on top of it. and on this hill everybody would roll the eggs down the hill and try the hardest not to break the eggs. who evers eggs last the longest got candy..  after that its back to some more eating..

The easter when we didnt go to my grandmothers house, we would rent a summer-house with my parents friends and their kids. and spend the week together.
With board games, drawings. and playing outside. And my mother would always make scavenger hunt  for us, with chocolate eggs.  the joys of chilhood…

Soon i will have to pass my traditions on, but this year  i get a pass, Cus the girls and I are going home for this easter.  Phew… 

Easter is also a big holiday here in germany! and there are bunnies and eggs decorated in many windows.  and the other day, when i picked the girls up from daycare, the weather was so nice, so we went to go get an ice cream on the way home.
And as we are driving, we pass a tree decorated with many  colorful eggs. and the girls looke d at em, and Asia goes, mommy why are the eggs in the trees. eggs comes from chicken..hmmmmm…  this was last week, and im still trynna find a good way to explain it…

Not for kids….


When ever ive been pregnant, ive always stayed away from sun tanning, and dying my hair.  Just because i dont wanna take any chances with chemicals that might hurt the baby.  Call me silly or whatever, but thats just me..
So since ive pretty much been pregnant  for the last almost 4 years. i havent done much for my looks. Sorry Louis..
But since im not pregnant anylonger, and been feeling like I look like a boring fart.  And with the winter time, i just look so peal. So i desided to go get alitle color, hoping spring is around the corner. So today after i dropped the kids off at the daycare, i went by a tanning salon and figured ill get about 5 mins in.  And i get inside and the lady stopped me and said im sorry i need to see ID that you are over 18 years old.. WHAT!!! i started laughing, and she looked af me as if i had a big green  bugger hanging. I said you just made my day. I have 3 kids lady.   I would gladly show her my ID..   hahahaha
Thank you lady at the tanning salon..

strolling around


So last week, we finaly had alittle bit of nice weather, the snow had disapeared, and the sun was out, but still VERY COLD, but alittle bit of sunshine makes a world of a difference.  Im feening for some spring weather. No big coats boots, hats and all that stuff that makes leaving the house a process. ANyways so when the sun showed up, i dragged the girls outside. No really i asked Asia if she wanted to go to the playground, and she had the nerve to say no mommy, i wanna stay home.. WHAT im sorry, let me rephrace that! MOMMY wanna go to the playground, so we are all going, ofcourse Noami was all with it, and got her boots out so fast.. saying come mommy, maliyah comes too??? with a big smile on her face. Yes baby we are all going!!! Even though it was still cold it was good to get out for alittle bit before dinner time.
And i got a chance to finaly use the stroller.
Ive wanted a big clumsy european stroller since Asia was a baby, but never could get one,.  So when i found a stroller that i liked here, i was so excited. 
And im very superstitious, So as an old Danish saying, you cant bring stuff home for the baby till its born, or make the bed and so on. I kept the stroller  at a friends house till we came home from the hospital. But ive been waiting patiently to take it out for a spin.
Just a few pictures from the days we went out to the playground..

more pictures of Maliyah


Just a few more pictures.. from her first week..
Ill update some more soon..

This is her welcome home sweatsuit, anyone that really knows me, knows she couldnt wear anything else.. gotta love a good sweatsuit! 🙂
daddy giving her the first bath
Louis giving her her first bath…

baby angel
 Poor baby had to model for mommy… And Its just the beginning.

|maliyahs first smile

Maliayah first smile