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only days old..


just a few more pictures!   So easy to please, milk love and a clean diaper!!

I swear i didnt stage her position, she was laying on my chest, and was going in and out of sleep, and the next thing i knew i looked at her, and then she was laying like this. I had 2 get a picture with my phone..




                                                 February 10. 2010 finally came.
                            We was blessed with Maliyah Destiny Bech Campbell
                 She was born at 8:43 am, and weighted 4040 gr, and was 54 cm long

It all went beyond any expectations that we had, from everything from the surgery, the doctors, the nurses the room,just everything. But even tho it all went good, it all went so fast that so much is still alittle blurry to me..
But most importantly, Maliyah is finally here, and she is healthy and just a blessing.
Im still filled up with so many different feelings, emotions, worries and thoughts

As im sitting here holding her in my arms, smelling her, kissing her, looking at her, picking her nose. Im amazed that God has trusted us with another new life.
And even tho most of it, is coming back naturaly, i feel like im learning all over again, and just as exciting as it is, its also a bit scary.
But im just happy that she is finaly here, and im trynna suck up every moment of it, because its over so fast.

Asia and Naomi are in denmark, and tomorrow Maliyah and i will drive up there to get them and stay a few days. I miss them so much even thou they are too busy to even talk to me on the phone.  cant wait too see them tomorrow..

we want to thank everyone that kept us in their prayers and thoughts. 
and thank you for all the best wishes and love thats been send our way.

                                                               Thank you…

still feeling good! Thank god for drugs!!!

The big girls are having some lunch in the room b4 meeting new sister!

Friday fun


This friday the girls had a long day. First daycare, then a doctors appointment in the afternoon,  and in the evening we went to see daddy play against his old team.
But between running round, we went to the woods to take the dogs out to let them run around, and because of the weather, right next to it the ground was nothing but ice, and Louis and Asia took advantage of it to the fullest.. I was lucky to get a few moments of them on the ice together on my phone. Sorry it’s sideways. 
Naomi was terrified of the doctor, but he is really good and gentle with them. and after she got her shots she cared more about the lollipop she got and forgot all about the shot  ;-)My litttle greedball!