Is it a boy or a girl???


As any other mother (I Think) you are always alittle bias when it comes to your kids.
I think my girls are some of the cutest little girls on earth, and cant nobody tell me different.  Im not saying other girls arent cute.
But i defenlently fall into the catagory of being bias. (im far from perfect)
But im about tired of people thinking Naomi is a boy.  Today when we dropped the girls off at their daycare, and as I was sitting down putting Naomis slippers on in little dressin area, another father comes in with his daughter.  we politly say Morgen.  and he asked me, is that Asia’s sister or brother???
I take a look at Naomi, she is wearing a brown and pink sweatsuit, with a BIG pink bow in her hair, and pink pacifire in her mouth. ??? Is it that hard to tell.
I often get that question with her, but I dont understand why.  Bias or not???
You tell me, is it just me that cant see it??


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  1. That is crazy! We had that with Hudson until we cut his hair. I could understand because of his curls. However, Naomi is ALL girl!

  2. Thank you guys!!!! so maybe im not all that bias after all ;-). I dont understand it either!!
    But i feel much better now that u guys dont think so either.!

    @ Jane. Hudson does not look like a girl, even when he had curls!! NO WAY!

    @ Cha’delle Thank u! i wish they had that suit in my size! LOL!

    @ Anna Thank you!! dont understand why he would piss a pregnant woman off in the morning! just not smart!

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