shit done back fired…


So I requested more sleep, and got just the opposite.
For the past few days, Naomi have decided to wake up around 3 am and wanna throw a party, stay up for a few hours, just to go back to sleep 20 mins before Asia wakes up. Asia even woke up cus she had to pee, and then right when she fell asleep Naomi woke back up. Like they are taking turns.  Naomi doesnt Nap more than an hour doing the day either.  Its like Sleep just went outta style. Whats so wrong about sleeping??  Im guessing its just another phase that will soon pass. But till then i will just continue to look and feel like shit. What to do, what to do?? I dont mind waking up early at all, if i can just get more than 6 hours sleep.


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  1. lol..when big cousin come and visit them…you can get some sleep fie fie..and me, asia, naomi and the new baby gone throw a

  2. Hey min blomst. We cant wait to see all of you! And i cant wait to just give them over to u so i can rest and u guys can have fun!
    How are u delle? r u staying focused in school????

  3. I wish it was that easy Anna.
    NyQil DOESNT HELP!!!! We tryed it once when we had to fly back from japan, 14 hours. didnt help. And now Naomi is getting some meds for her winther Ezema (as the doc call it) And to take the iching part away at night i have to give her some fluid, and he warned me, she will be very tired after this, so to only give it to her at night when she is ready for bed! BULLSHIT!! dont work either!!! hope this is soon over!

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