Just tickled to death…


Today was a family day, the kids didnt go to daycare, and Louis had a somewhat day off. So we went to a mall in the next big city over. This is the first time we went to it.  And as we was strolling thru the mall, we stumpeled over a cinema. Louis and I havent been to the movies together since 2005. before kids.  Who would have known that the next time we would go it would be with our 2 daughters.
we got on line got the tickets, popcorn and the soda. Got inside and it was empty just us. Perfect, cus i wasnt sure how this was gonna go.
Would the kids be loud? scared of the dark? Act up?
Asia sad right down in a seat and Naomi was right on her tail, i wanna sit next to you.  We sit down and the movie begins.
As the movie goes on, i catch my self looking over at my babies, Asia on my right side, Naomi next to her, and Louis at the end.
Here we are as a family, the kids got each their own popcorn in a  bag, and they are  just stuffing their faces, with their big pretty brown eyes on the big screen. Asia turned to me, and says look mommy that’s a big TV.
I can’t believe it, every now and then i get a glimpse of how the future will be.
Here we are at the movies, the girls are enjoying them self, eating popcorn,  Asia is no longer using diapers, no strollers with us.   I still cant believe it.  3 weeks left and then we will start all over. But its amazing how when you least expect it, you either get a glimpse, or something happens to remind you nothing is forever and how fast every phase of your kids life will pass so quickly.  Naomi did really good, she loves to eat so she was enjoying that part, and when her concentration span ran out, she played with the seats a little bit and then her and I walked outside. then when we came back, she was ready to watch the rest.   Im still just tickled to death that we went to the movies together with our daughters, and just watched them sit there with big eyes, taking it all in.


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