Count down…


This week i got to meet the  surgeon, that will deliver our new blessing.
He seems so prof, and at ease with his job.  And i feel comfortable with him.
                             I will have the C-section on Feb 10th. 2010.

Im excited and a little nervous too, but mostly im just excited to meet her.
Its a little wierd that we have a date, that she is coming for sure, i check in at 7 in the morning, and then she should be out around 10 am.  
She is still growing strong and right now she weighs about 2677 gr.  she is long, but not super big and so far the smallest of all 3 of our girls.  
She is head down and has dropped, but im glad im having this c-section otherwise i dont think she was coming anytime soon, i’d be the first woman in the world, that would be pregnant longer than an elephant.  

I still have alot to get, before she gets here, but im not stressing….. yet.
and we still havent found a name yet either, poor 3 child. The first got it all, the 2nd got less and with child nr 3,  oh poor little thing :0)
And even though it wasnt that long ago that we went thru it all, i know i forgot so much, and have to learn it ALL again. Its amazing how fast one forget’s.   so am  I ready… NO!   excited yes, but ready no, im not sure anyone ever really is….

8 months pregnant

its a girl
not much room in there anymore.,,

We havent told everyone what we are expecting, but here you have it 😉
The girls keep asking me if i have a baby in my stomach, and if she is swimming in the water. 
I can’t wait to see their faces when they get to meet her.


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  1. wow..i cant wait to meet my lil cousin…fie fie, that belly is huge and scary…tell my uncle and cousins i said hello..they’re adorable..and i miss them

  2. Fie…another girl!!!! The time is getting close. I hope you’re feeling well and getting some rest! I’m sure the girls are super excited for her arrival! 🙂

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