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Good luck to the Eisbaeren tonight


Louis has a game away this weekend they are all the way in south Germany. So far even though its been a long season for the guys, they are doing pretty good ( knock on wood) And Louis is leading the league in most assist.  I pray that the team will continue to win and grow as a team. and be succesful. They have a good team with so many talented players! So i wish them the best of luck for the second half of the season!

This picture is from a newspaper article earlier this month.
I still get a butterfly in my stomach when I look at him!     hahaha sorry!

Anyways, focus Fie,  back to what I was saying.. Good luck guys!


Friday snow…


Yesterday when I picked the girls up, we drove home and got the dogs, and we went to the woods.  Its still snowing. And Naomi still  dont like it one bit! But the dogs do.
We did get a chance to see how pretty it is when the park is covered in snow, and we saw some different birds, she did like that part! As soon as we got in the car, Asia said, mommy please i want hot chocolate and snacks and watch tv! she is her mama’s child! right up my alley so we hurried home. 
                                    |Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone…

Brush em Good!


This week, a lady came to Asia and Naomis daycare, and talked about how to brush your teeth the right way, and which foods are good for your teeth and whats not so good.
The girls have a toothbrush there,and after each meal the teachers help them brush their teeth.   I wish i was as good to remember, but im just not.
One of the teachers was so nice and led me have her memory card so i could see the pictures from it. So i wanted to share, a few moments from their day at daycare!
                                                                  Thank you Janine!     

Is it a boy or a girl???


As any other mother (I Think) you are always alittle bias when it comes to your kids.
I think my girls are some of the cutest little girls on earth, and cant nobody tell me different.  Im not saying other girls arent cute.
But i defenlently fall into the catagory of being bias. (im far from perfect)
But im about tired of people thinking Naomi is a boy.  Today when we dropped the girls off at their daycare, and as I was sitting down putting Naomis slippers on in little dressin area, another father comes in with his daughter.  we politly say Morgen.  and he asked me, is that Asia’s sister or brother???
I take a look at Naomi, she is wearing a brown and pink sweatsuit, with a BIG pink bow in her hair, and pink pacifire in her mouth. ??? Is it that hard to tell.
I often get that question with her, but I dont understand why.  Bias or not???
You tell me, is it just me that cant see it??

Ive been challenged


My friend Anna have past this on to me, and im supposed to write 7 things that you may not know about me.

}Also i have to copy the award to my page (done)

} Then I have to put a link to the page that awarded me. Thank you Anna

} Pass this on to 7 other bloggers.  (sorry dont know 7)

1, I dont drink coffee, cus i dont like the taske, but love the smell.  but thinking about starting just to give me a boost of energy to keep up with my kids..

2, I LOVE rollerskating!

3, Im terrified of Marilyn Manson.

4, im very facinated by sealife. esp turtles.  But too scared to go scuba diving.  (because of sharks)

5,  I still think farts is  TOOOOOO funny!

6,  I LOVE dancehall music!

7,  I hate feet.

I now have to forward the award to 7 other bloggers, but im sorry I only have

1,  tammi
2, Julie.
3, Anniqa

                                           Thank you Anna, Im always up for a challenge.

shit done back fired…


So I requested more sleep, and got just the opposite.
For the past few days, Naomi have decided to wake up around 3 am and wanna throw a party, stay up for a few hours, just to go back to sleep 20 mins before Asia wakes up. Asia even woke up cus she had to pee, and then right when she fell asleep Naomi woke back up. Like they are taking turns.  Naomi doesnt Nap more than an hour doing the day either.  Its like Sleep just went outta style. Whats so wrong about sleeping??  Im guessing its just another phase that will soon pass. But till then i will just continue to look and feel like shit. What to do, what to do?? I dont mind waking up early at all, if i can just get more than 6 hours sleep.

Monday fun….


It’s amazing how much joy some crayon’s and a paper can give!!
                          now we got new posters in the girls room.
I just hope they wont be scared of them tonight when its time to sleep! 🙂

daddy and daughter drawing!

paper drawings of our girls