Merry Christmas


Christmas has came and passed so fast this year.
But it was a good one,  even with all the last minute christmas stress and what not that comes with it.
We celebrate it on the 24 th and this year we celebrated christmas with my fathers side of the family.
We started the day with taking a walk in the snow before we left the summer-house.  Then soon after we arrived to my aunt and uncles house it was time to eat, and so we did!   Then it was time to dance around the christmas tree, and then open presents. The girls got so spoiled, and my grandmother was there too and she was just loving watching the girls running around, acting up. 
After we did that, it was time to eat again, just snacks and fruits and then play a card game. where we once again exchanged presents. 
We didnt make it home till midnight, and i think Louis and I were more exhausted than the girls were.
Here’s just a few pictures of the memories we made this christmas.
We hope you and your family had a wonderful christmas as well, and are now relaxing before the new year sets in.

Smokey and Deebo playing in the snow


silly face

 Then the real Asia. :0)

My little sister Sara, and my big little brother Simon geting all the christmas love
Dancing around the christmas  tree

Asia and Naomi with their great grandmother                                                    Mission accomplished


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