Girly girl day


Louis and I are renting  a summerhouse in southern denmark, for when he is coming to spend christmas for his first time in here, and today I had to pick up the key. So my friend Jannie came with me, and we hit the road 2gether.
She is pregnant too, and we are due a week apart.  As u know I love roadtrips, and this was no different, we stopped at a 7-11 and stacked up with snacks,  and hit the road in the snow.   I enjoyed spending some girly girl time without kids.  But  I was  afraid we would get stuck in the snow, but someone was watching over us.  We checked out the house, and after that we went and had alittle, okay alot to eat in the little local village. Its kinda cute, old and filled with old small bars and and small streets with christmas decorations and sidestreets.

Some people just never grow up…  im so big now i could barely get up, But how could I not make an angel? 😉 or try to atleast

Angel or michelin man? u tell me…

I cant wait 2 get in the hot tub…


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  1. That looks so nice! How far from your parents is the “summer” house where you will be staying? What’s the name of the little village?

  2. Thank you, i cant wait 4 louis 2 get here, its about an hour and 20 min away, on a small island called Falster. Its not too far from the boat to germany.
    If we are ever in scandinavia at the same time we should meet half way and rent a house, let the kids play, eat good and drink, and Mikey and Louis do what they do.
    I would like that

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