Train trip to Denmark


Christmas is just around the corner now, and it’s time to go home!!! wuhuu
Since I met Louis 7 years ago I havent spend christmas at home in 6 years. So no need to say that I am excited to have a Danish christmas, with all the food, traditions, smells, arguments and all the stress that comes with it. ūüôā
Denmark is about an 6 hour drive from where we live in germany, but with the train its about 8 hours.¬† So Louis drove us to the next biggest train station about an hour away, to save us some time on the train and so i¬†didn’t have to switch trains more than ones.
The girls enjoys it, and from the train we could see that it had snowed a little bit so the fields and trees was covered with a light layer of snow. so cozy!
We got to hamburg train station, and we only had 3 minutes to switch tracks because  of delays. So there I was with 2 bags a belly and a double stroller with my monsters. The trains have these steps, so i needed help, and found a guy that was kindly enough to help me down with the whole circus, even though  earlier i had to kick him out of his seat because he was sitting in the seats we had reserved. so there I was running from one track to another with belly and all. But we made it. I had brought crayons and sticker books for the ride. and the girls was being creative, and then we ate snacks, I love road trips. Asia took a little nap and then right when the train arrived on the boat, and Asia could finish telling me mommy im sick, she thru up everywhere, down her clothes on the floor, and on the table. The girl has talent!
I sad with her, meanwhile Naomi was trynna tell everybody on the train Asia thru up,  and wanted to touch the nastiness. I cleaned up, and got the girls upstairs on the boat.
Then we get upstairs and she seemed fine, they have a little playground and she was playing good and smiling, and then came round 2!
I cleaned up again, and got the cleaning staff to mop after me. and then we was just sitting there waiting for the boat ride to be over with so we could head down to the train again.
Luckily my sister had driven 1,5 down to pick us up at the train station after the boat!  We got in the car and they was both knocked out!
I love road trips, but next time no extra sickness please!! But we got here safe and sound and it was all worth it, feel so good to be home!


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  1. thank you, supermom, far from it. i looked a hot mess running like that, but we made it. lol.
    And Asia is back 2 normal. . hows my little Hanna. n did u find ur christmas tree?

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