I’m baaaack..


Last week Naomi decided to pour soda down my computer.
At first nothing happend, but then it just slowly shut down, and havent been able to be turned on ever since…  I couldnt even yell at her,  my soul was way to hurt to get mad.  i just turned into a 5 year old and walked away, like someone had stolen my bike.  Yes i enjoy using my computer, and i use it alot, but its just a computer. what hurt me is; ALL  and I MEEN ALL my pictures are gone. Naomi’s birth, all my memories from japan, our vacation trips, and all the pictures i just take for fun. my art my hobby my journey.. shhhhh…  I SUCK at getting my pictures developed, so alot is gone. im glad Louis got most of our pictures on his computer too and I did make an album with Naomis birth. but yet so much is lost…  When i got out of the shower today, and opened my closet to find some clothes, there it was. Louis had surprised me and got me a new computer.  THANK YOU BABY!  so a lesson is learned and ill take this as a personal challenge to take new pictures..  But still….


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