Slowly cutting the umbilical cord….


Yesterday, Asia and Naomi had their first field trip with the daycare.  They went swimming.
The girl was excited, but this was the first time they ever went somewhere without me.  And the teacher at the daycare is so nice, she even asked me if I would like to come.
But even though my babies are still small, I gotta learn to let go, and let them have experiences with other kids and adults without me being there, so they can grow too.  So I fought my self and I send them on their way,but it wasnt easy!
Naomi was walking around with her back pack, she is really growing up too. And when we picked them up they was all smiles, and of course  they had a good time, and was so tired.. 
The teacher let me get the pictures.


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  1. Aww, Fie. I can imagine how hard it must’ve been. But maybe a little liberating too? You get a few hours for Fie only every once in a while. And I bet the girls were so excited to tell you about their day when they saw you. I love when you share your mommy stories 🙂

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