World Aids Day….


December first means a lot to me not only because it’s the beginning of christmas, but also because it’s the 1 day outta the year, people can talk openly about Aids, and remember that this is still a problem that’s very much affection millions and millions. Just because the media is filled with the news about the swine flu, and not HIV doesnt mean that the problem has gone away.  And as a mother, of soon teenagers, Okay maybe not soon 🙂 but one day they will grow up, and even with Louis many rules and traps he got planned for them so they wont date till they are at least 50. It’s still important to talk about how serious this is, and how we can prevent it. . And for me I  also on this day take a moment out, and I light a candle and think about my uncle, whom died from Aids some years ago. 
So lets take a moment to remember world Aids day

May your soul continue to rest in peace;     Stig Larsen And everyone else who suffered from it…


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