I’ve been in the christmas mood for months now, actually since I found out we was moving back to Europe.
The thought of  seeing all the decorations in the street, and no palm trees, (even thou I am a sucker for palmtrees, just not in Dec)  all the christmas foods, drinks and yes as you know the list goes on and on.
In Japan, they do decorate in the streets, but the feeling is very different, and to me its more all about giving gifts, wich is understandable, since it’s a completely different religion and culture they have.
But for me, I missed Christmas, everything that comes with it.  And ive been waiting for Dec 1st so we could decorate and let the kids enjoy the holiday too.
Its been pure torture the last months or more, because as most places they start early with putting up christmas stuff in the stores, but I had to control my self.  So every time I’ve went I felt like one of the horses from new york City, that has those big flaps on their eyes. Dont look dont look dont look, just keep going.
But today the troll was let out the box and i felt like a little kid, getting all the stuff for the tree.
And then Louis surprised me with a new lamp that I fell in love with the other day..
Anyway!  I wish everyone who might read this a blessed and joyful holiday.
Time to make new memories for this years Christmas! Happy Holidays everyone..

Every morning in Dec, we light the candle and let it burn down one number, till the 24 th

The girls got a chocolate kalender from their Aunty Sara. Asia tryed to pull out all her tricks so she could open up one more. How to explain to a toddler only one without no crying?  🙂
Louis putting the tree together.  We was gonna get a real one, but Deebo might have a fielday with it.

The girls got an angel each for them and their sister to put on the tree. And a pair of wings for mommy and daddy., and 1 for a baby thats on its way from a friend of mine! Et par vinger til Jannie musens baby!


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