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Happy Birthday Asia – Tillykke Asia mus!


3 years ago, on this day. I was in a Hospital in Tokyo. And had just received our  first little blessing. She was almost 9 lbs and. And i had no idea how this little person was gonna change my life forever, sure i had an idea, but really i had no clue how she was gonna rock my world. And she did, in so many ways. And as i continue to watch her grow up to be this little person, im forced to look at my self, and realize that imma learn thru her. 
Its truly amazing and im not always able to understand it all, but thats okay cus  im still learning.  Even on the days i feel like giving up.
I could go on and on, but dont worry imma stop right here.
So yesterday Asia turned 3.  i still cant believe it 3 but going on 30 if u ask her.
She woke up to balloons everywhere, and she knew it was her birthday.
She said to us, its my birthday party and i got 3 years old.
we said yes Asia today is your day, and you ARE now 3 years old, yes mommy, Asia got 3 years old. 
We took the girls to the indoor play-land they have here not so far away.
came home and had some cake before Louis had to go to practise.
Just wanted to share som pictures

I had 2 make little lady bugs for her, She loves lady bugs!

Getting a game of air hockey in with her daddy

I also made a cake that the girls could decorate them selfs.. and they did.


Merry Christmas


Christmas has came and passed so fast this year.
But it was a good one,  even with all the last minute christmas stress and what not that comes with it.
We celebrate it on the 24 th and this year we celebrated christmas with my fathers side of the family.
We started the day with taking a walk in the snow before we left the summer-house.  Then soon after we arrived to my aunt and uncles house it was time to eat, and so we did!   Then it was time to dance around the christmas tree, and then open presents. The girls got so spoiled, and my grandmother was there too and she was just loving watching the girls running around, acting up. 
After we did that, it was time to eat again, just snacks and fruits and then play a card game. where we once again exchanged presents. 
We didnt make it home till midnight, and i think Louis and I were more exhausted than the girls were.
Here’s just a few pictures of the memories we made this christmas.
We hope you and your family had a wonderful christmas as well, and are now relaxing before the new year sets in.

Smokey and Deebo playing in the snow


silly face

 Then the real Asia. :0)

My little sister Sara, and my big little brother Simon geting all the christmas love
Dancing around the christmas  tree

Asia and Naomi with their great grandmother                                                    Mission accomplished

Asia’s drawings


I know I say this often, but it’s because i cant believe it at times, Asia is growing up so fast.  She has more and more words, and we can now actually have long conversations. although i might be the only one who really understands her because she is a little confused by all the languages. she understands all but speaking it back is another story. but im sure it will come. But now her drawings is starting 2 make sence too..
 My little big girl is growing up right in front of me.

This is snakes

yummi yummi


One of the reasons why I enjoy going home, is I don’t have to cook.
My father does all the cooking, and this time he took it back to my childhood and made fried eel with potatoes and parsley gravy.. I havent had that in so many years.  And this was the first time the girls had it too. And they both was eating it like true vikings.
The tradition is after each piece that you eat, you lay the fish bones around the plate and see who ate the most.

stegt aal, fried eel

asia og naomi spiser stegt aal

Heaven sent….


I wasn’t feeling to good yesterday, my back was killing me, to the point where at times I need help 2 get around.  So i was just laying on the couch.
Naomi was napping, and Asia was sitting on the floor playing with her lego’s, then out of nowhere she turns around, and she got this goofy look on her face, so I started smiling to her,  and she says Merry christmas mommy. Turns her little body around and continues playing with her lego’s…
She just melted my heart…  
                                               Merry christmas to everyone…

Little lady in kitchen

When I came home from my girls day out, i found Asia in the kitchen helping mormor, nana in danish, wich means mothers mother.  Make christmas cookies.
She was so excited, and proud and it was cute hearing them chat and laugh in the kitchen together.  I’m glad i came home just in time to catch some moments on camera.

Girly girl day


Louis and I are renting  a summerhouse in southern denmark, for when he is coming to spend christmas for his first time in here, and today I had to pick up the key. So my friend Jannie came with me, and we hit the road 2gether.
She is pregnant too, and we are due a week apart.  As u know I love roadtrips, and this was no different, we stopped at a 7-11 and stacked up with snacks,  and hit the road in the snow.   I enjoyed spending some girly girl time without kids.  But  I was  afraid we would get stuck in the snow, but someone was watching over us.  We checked out the house, and after that we went and had alittle, okay alot to eat in the little local village. Its kinda cute, old and filled with old small bars and and small streets with christmas decorations and sidestreets.

Some people just never grow up…  im so big now i could barely get up, But how could I not make an angel? 😉 or try to atleast

Angel or michelin man? u tell me…

I cant wait 2 get in the hot tub…