Family sunday!


I love family days.  And this is the first sunday Louis had off in a while. 
The girls and the dogs enjoys that.  We went for a walk on the beach and brought the dogs so they could run and swim, and as we was standing there, the dogs was’nt the only ones wanting to swim, out comes a group of people, in bathing suits and hats, mind you its below 50 degrees now. But they jumped right in and did what they wanted and then ran alittle on the beach!  I know it was super cold cus when they came out their bodies was a little red… Im freezing just by thinking about it! 
But the girls enjoyed throwing rocks in the water, and playing in the sand. we came home and took a family nap.
And when the girls woke up, they helped me bake cinnamon buns, (or snails, is what we call it)  and a crocodile.  Im not good at baking at all, but thank god our girls have a good imagination so they at least could see it was a crocodile.  And even thought the yeast didnt work, down they went 😉

baking in BH 002

baking in BH 007

baking in BH 015

baking in BH 011


baking in BH 013


baking in BH 028

baking in BH 026

baking in BH 025


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