Pregnancy update


I have one week left, of my second trimester.  And then its 3 more months to go.
When i was carrying Asia every week went by so SLOW, but this pregnancy is actually going by pretty fast and i guess also because i have my hands full with my 2 little monsters I sometimes kinda forget that I am pregnant, till I walk pass a window or a mirror and I see my reflection, and all i can hear in my head is the line from Madagascar 2, from the hippo Moto moto;  Girl you huge…
Im getting bigger, and im already having trouble getting outta the bed without losing my breath,  i know so fat!  Ive been trynna watch what i eat and so on, cus i hate working out, and I know whats waiting after wards, but F$%k it, im hungry every 10 min, and im eating whatever I want 😉 

 Bremerh Nov 09 070

Bremerh Nov 09 074

 Sorry its alittle  blurry!   Nov 09, 6 months pregnant.. 3 + to go

Bremerh Nov 09 075

This is a picture of what I see, if it makes any sence, but this is my view.  Cant wait to meet the little one and once again see my own feet! 🙂

So far everything is good, and  i feel alot of kicks and movements, just praying all  will stay good!



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  1. Hahahaha Hejsa min blomst!
    I know, girl im huge… 3 more months, but another atleast 6 till i see you ???
    we all miss you, esp. charley murphy! Hugs and kisses to you and all your sisters!


    I dont feel too comfortable, but so far theres no complains!

    HOW ARE YOU ! Miss M.I.A!!! I miss talking 2 u!!!!!!!

  3. Fie you look great! Again, I LOVE the dark hair on you! But are you sure there’s not 2 babies in there? I hope you have another 3 amazing months!

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